• Town of Rutherfordton

The Beginning of a Hospital

On Mach 6, 1906 John C. Mills approached the Rutherfordton Town Council with an offer from Dr. and Mrs. Henry Norris to purchase the Rutherford Military Institute property for $1,500. The town accepted the offer and transfered the deed to the Norrises on April 1st.

It has been over 100 years since Dr. and Mrs. Henry Norris and Dr. Montgomery Biggs co-founded Rutherford Hospital. Their concern for the health and well being of the people of Rutherford County was evident then and still is today.

Michael Roberts, MD Chief of Staff write, “Rutherford Regional is more than a list of resources, technology and buildings. For almost a century, this Hospital has embodied a culture of caring and a sense of community that are vital to healing. While having a sound infrastructure and state-of-the-art care critical to achieving the goal of treating the whole person, we cannot overemphasize the important role our employees, physicians and volunteers play in this process. These skilled and caring individuals work as a dynamic team, always focused on their ultimate objective – the health and well being of our patients”.


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