• Stephanie Rzonca

Reclaimed is a Store Striving to Transform Lives - as well as Furniture

Eric Hammond, owner of Reclaimed

From barn doors, to art, to re-purposed decor, and everything in between, Reclaimed offers farmhouse style and unique artistic accents for style-savvy shoppers. The furniture in the store is made by owner and craftsman Eric Hammond, along with a small but dedicated group of artists and artisans.

But the shop has a greater mission than creating and selling stylish home accent pieces. Hammond's calling is to serve the spiritual needs of men in the grips of addiction - and to help them to transform their lives. The store, and everything so lovingly crafted within it, serves to support Hammond's goal of launching Transformation Farm, a primitive and immersive retreat-type experience for addicts longing to change their lives. As Hammond builds his team and prepares his land for what will one day become Transformation Farm, Reclaimed is the creative hub and outlet that contributes to the vision one day becoming reality.

The path from addiction to freedom is not an easy one to take, and Eric Hammond knows that all too well. His personal journey and his own transformation has driven him towards offering a path towards hope and freedom for others. "Addiction work is hard. Addicts are hard to work with," Hammond said. "But freedom and transformation are possible."

As Hammond begins to assemble his team and prepare the way for Transformation Farm to fully launch, he is carrying out his own discipleship and ministry in his store and in his church. He is creating more inventory for his store, craft fairs, and holiday markets. He is launching a brand focused on the Love of Christ that will be solely dedicated to supporting the mission of transforming lives and freeing others from the chains of addiction. Every item in the store has undergone a creative transfiguration to make each piece truly unique and special. Doors are turned into benches, windows into artwork, chairs become wall hangings - each piece a tangible reminder that origin does not dictate destiny. And through the hands of a loving creator, anything (or anyone) can be reclaimed.