The Hidden Floor of Gold

Located at the Bechtler Mint Historic Park, the Hidden Floor of Gold is a reproduction of a ingenious floor developed by Christopher Bechtler to collect the gold dust off the bottom of the shoes of miners that came into his mint to exchange their gold. Visit the exhibit to experience how it worked.

Legend has it Bechtler was able to mint several gold coins from the dust he collected. Nothing like free money to fuel your entrepreneurial spirit.

Bechtler Mint Site


342 Gilboa Church Road

Rutherfordton, NC 28139

(828) 287-6113

When the English geologist George Featherstonhaugh visited Bechtler at this site in 1837, he wrote that Bechtler had driven a tunnel along a mineral vein. Was this one of those tunnels? Explore the mint site and decide for yourself. Beyond this gated entrance, the tunnel extends over 80 feet before turning north for another 30 feet. It then narrows to less than one foot in height. Pick marks are still clearly defined on the rocky walls. For many years after Bechtler's death, this property was sold and resold to speculators and mining companies, once selling for $1 million.

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